Top Similar Tv Shows To Entourage: A Must-Watch Guide

Looking for TV shows like Entourage? Look no further! If you’re craving the same star-studded drama, hilarious antics, and behind-the-scenes insight, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up some captivating TV shows that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Let’s dive into these exciting alternatives to Entourage that will leave you craving for more thrilling episodes. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and explore these fantastic shows that capture the essence of Entourage and take it to new heights!

Top Similar TV Shows to Entourage: A Must-Watch Guide

TV Shows Like Entourage

If you loved watching Entourage, the hit HBO series that followed the lives of a young actor and his friends as they navigate the glamorous world of Hollywood, you’re probably craving more shows with the same kind of excitement and drama. Luckily, there are several TV shows that capture the essence of Entourage, offering a peek into the entertainment industry, friendships, and the pursuit of success. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best TV shows like Entourage that you can indulge in.

1. Ballers

Ballers is a comedy-drama series that aired on HBO from 2015 to 2019. Created by Stephen Levinson, the show follows the life of retired NFL player Spencer Strasmore, played by Dwayne Johnson, as he transitions into the world of sports management. With a similar backdrop of wealth, fame, and the pursuit of success, Ballers offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dealings of professional athletes and their agents.

Key aspects of Ballers that make it comparable to Entourage include:

  • High-stakes industry: Like Entourage, Ballers explores the high-stakes world of professional sports, showcasing the challenges and rewards of managing athletes.
  • Glamour and lifestyle: Just like the characters in Entourage, the protagonists in Ballers enjoy a luxurious lifestyle filled with parties, beautiful people, and extravagant possessions.
  • Strong bonds of friendship: Ballers focuses on the relationships between the main characters, highlighting the importance of friendship and loyalty.

2. Californication

If you’re looking for a TV show that combines comedy and drama with a dose of irreverent wit, Californication is an excellent choice. This Showtime series, which aired from 2007 to 2014, revolves around the life of Hank Moody, played by David Duchovny, a troubled writer navigating the ups and downs of his career and personal life in Los Angeles.

Here’s why Californication is similar to Entourage:

  • Entertainment industry backdrop: Both Entourage and Californication are set in the entertainment industry, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of those involved in the business.
  • Exploration of male friendships: Just like the close-knit group of friends in Entourage, Californication delves into the friendships and bonds between Hank Moody and his eclectic circle of companions.
  • Exploration of fame and excess: Californication, like Entourage, explores themes of fame, excess, and the consequences that come with living in the fast lane.

3. Power

Power, created by Courtney A. Kemp, is a crime drama series that aired on Starz from 2014 to 2020. The show follows James “Ghost” St. Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick, a wealthy New York City nightclub owner who lives a double life as a drug lord.

Power shares some common elements with Entourage:

  • Behind-the-scenes look: While Entourage focuses on the movie industry, Power provides a behind-the-scenes look at the gritty world of drugs, crime, and the glitz surrounding it.
  • Complex characters: Both shows feature complex characters who find themselves torn between their personal lives, ambitions, and the dark forces that surround them.
  • Exploration of loyalty and betrayal: Power, like Entourage, delves into the themes of loyalty and betrayal, showcasing the intricate relationships between the characters.

4. Extras

Created by and starring Ricky Gervais, Extras is a British sitcom that aired from 2005 to 2007. The show follows the life of Andy Millman, a struggling actor who constantly finds himself in comically awkward situations while working as an extra on various film and television sets.

Here’s why Extras is worth watching if you enjoyed Entourage:

  • Humorous take on the entertainment industry: Much like Entourage, Extras offers a satirical and humorous look at the entertainment industry, highlighting the struggles and absurdities that come with pursuing a career in showbiz.
  • Unconventional friendships: While Entourage revolves around a tight-knit group of friends, Extras focuses on Andy’s unique relationships with the people he encounters on set.
  • Guest appearances: Extras is known for its stellar lineup of guest appearances by renowned actors playing fictionalized versions of themselves, similar to the celebrity cameos in Entourage.

5. Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan is a crime drama series that aired on Showtime from 2013 to 2020. The show follows the life of Ray Donovan, played by Liev Schreiber, a professional “fixer” who solves problems for the rich and famous in Los Angeles.

Ray Donovan shares similarities with Entourage in the following ways:

  • Los Angeles backdrop: Both Ray Donovan and Entourage are set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, showcasing the glitz, glamour, and darker side of the city.
  • Exploration of power dynamics: Both shows explore the power dynamics at play in the entertainment industry, showcasing the lengths that people go to maintain their influence.
  • Complex characters: Ray Donovan, like Entourage, features complex characters who are flawed, yet intriguing, as they navigate their personal and professional lives.

These TV shows like Entourage offer a thrilling blend of drama, comedy, and an insider’s perspective into various aspects of the entertainment industry. Whether you’re interested in the world of sports, crime, or the humor and awkwardness behind showbiz, these shows are sure to keep you entertained. So grab your remote, sit back, and get ready for an exhilarating ride!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some TV shows similar to Entourage?

Here are some TV shows that capture the same vibe as Entourage:

1. What is the TV show Ballers about?

Ballers is a TV show that follows former football superstar Spencer Strasmore as he navigates his new career as a financial manager for current players. It showcases the glamorous and sometimes cutthroat world of professional sports, similar to the behind-the-scenes portrayal in Entourage.

2. Is Californication a show similar to Entourage?

Yes, Californication shares similarities with Entourage. It revolves around the life of writer Hank Moody, who struggles with personal and professional issues in Hollywood. Like Entourage, it showcases the allure and challenges of the entertainment industry.

3. What is the premise of The West Wing?

The West Wing is a political drama that explores the inner workings of the White House. While it has a different setting and tone compared to Entourage, both shows delve into the lives of influential people and the power dynamics they navigate.

4. What makes the TV show Suits comparable to Entourage?

Suits shares similarities with Entourage in terms of its focus on a high-stakes industry, in this case, the legal world. The show follows talented college dropout Mike Ross as he starts working at a top law firm, showcasing the extravagant lifestyle and the challenges he faces.

5. How does Sex and the City relate to Entourage?

Sex and the City explores the lives of four women navigating relationships, careers, and the social scene in New York City. Though the focus is on female experiences, the show shares similarities with Entourage in terms of portraying a glamorous and fast-paced lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

TV shows like Entourage offer an exciting glimpse into the glamorous and fast-paced world of celebrities. The engaging storylines and colorful characters keep viewers entertained and hooked from start to finish. With its witty dialogue and behind-the-scenes perspective, Entourage has cemented its place as a must-watch series for fans of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a fan of the show or simply looking for something similar, TV shows like Entourage will undoubtedly satisfy your craving for drama, humor, and a peek into the lives of the rich and famous.

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